Appoint an ‘Eco-Leader’

  1. ‘Going Green’ needs commitment, focus and leadership.
  2. Seek and appoint an eco-leader.
  3. Set up eco-idea ‘boxes’ or ‘boards’ where both patients and staff can post their ideas.
  4. Send round an e-newsletter/email, seeking ideas and suggestions for ‘being greener’.
  5. Involve the patients as well as the dialysis staff.
  6. Suggest that patients may wish to set up a parallel ‘eco-ideas’ group.
  7. Consider offering prizes – theatre tickets, a dinner out – for the most innovative suggestion of the month.
  8. Consider appointing a staff member as ‘water monitor’, as ‘power protector’, or as ‘waste manager’.
  9. Learn what others are doing: join the UK Sustainable Healthcare group where much of this work has already been put into practice

The best possible way to grow the notion of ‘green’, is to involve the staff, to “make green good”, and to provide access to resources and encouragement.

Most sustainability steps come at little or no cost – other than will and effort. Those steps that do cost commonly repay themselves several-fold in due course.

Through the eco-leader, show patients that the nursing and medical staff do care about the environment in which their patients dialyse.

Show patients that their unit nursing and medical staff are listening to their ideas by incorporating their suggestions, and by acknowledging their contributions.

Both unit staff and patients alike will thus gain in trust and self-esteem from engagement in an interactive program.