Roadmap introduction

While many dialysis services may have already introduced some (or all) of the principles suggested in this website, many have not.

An Australian survey of the ‘green’ practices of Victorian dialysis services, conducted on behalf of the Victorian Department of Health in 2012, showed, at best, patchy adherence to basic green principles and a widespread lack of coordinated sustainability practices.  .

For services yet to start their ‘green journey’, this website may help to inspire and show where and how to get involved. Do not shirk the introduction of new or novel practices. Consider and/or adopt them, where and as you can. If new opportunities arise that are not considered here, report them, and add them to the sparse literature currently available.

The ‘road map’ to greener, more sustainable dialysis that this site advocates concludes with some step-by-step suggestions towards better, more environmentally sensitive dialysis practices.