For those wishing to explore the work of the two groups who have, to date, made the largest contribution to the green space, the following is provided.


UK Green Nephrology Bibliography

There is an extensive bibliography of the UK experience to be found under the ‘Resources’ tab at the UK Green Nephrology website …. see

This website is a gold-mine of useful and practical information.

It is recommended that any researchers who wish to plumb to UK site should join the site as a member.

This will give added depth of access to this trove of information.


Barwon Health Renal Services Green Bibliography

The Barwon Health group have also taken a keen interest in sustainability – especially in the haemodialysis space.

Their full bibliography (to mid 2018) is given below.

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The Green Dialysis Website …


The Green Dialysis Facebook Page …


Green-themed blogs: HDC ‘KidneyViews’ blog page

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