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Green Nephrology Logo

The Green Nephrology Programme was established in 2009 in the UK to support a transition to sustainable kidney care. It represents a partnership between clinicians, National Health Service management and industry. The output from this program has been viewed as ground breaking in the field of sustainable healthcare.

The Green Nephrology website contains a broad range of publications and reports relating to Green Nephrology and sustainable healthcare in general. A link to some helpful case studies compiled by the UK Green Nephrology Network can be found here.


Kidney Health Home Dialysis Logo

Kidney Health Australia has a page on their Home Dialysis website which identifies the importance of considering the environment and measures in which can be employed to minimise the impact of dialysis at home.


Doctors for the Environment Australia

Formed in 2001, Doctors for the Environment Australia (DEA) is the only organisation of medical professionals in Australia solely focused on promoting good health through care of the environment. DEA includes volunteers from primary care, tertiary health services, academia and research who recognise that human health and wellbeing require an environment free of pollution, capable of providing nutritious food, rich in biodiversity, and able to provide for current and future generations sustainably. A large number of high quality, evidence based fact sheets, posters and presentations on the human health impacts of environmental degradation can be found on the DEA website.


Climate and Health Alliance

The Climate and Health Alliance (CAHA) is a national coalition of organisations and individuals from a broad cross section of the sector, including health care professionals, health care service providers, institutions, academics, researchers, and health care consumers. CAHA aims to contribute to the development and implementation of evidence based public policy to protect the community from the adverse consequences of climate change, and promote recognition that policies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and protect the environment have the potential to bring important public health benefits. You can read more about CAHA’s work and find out how to get involved on the CAHA website.


Green and Global Health Hospitals (GGHH) is an international network of hospitals, health care facilities, health systems, and health organisations dedicated to reducing their environmental footprint and promoting public and environmental health. The Global Green and Healthy Hospitals network has more than 954 members in 50 countries (including Australia) who represent the interests of over 32,500 hospitals and health centres. GGHH offers a range of programs for members to take advantage of including educational tools and events and online platforms that can help you connect with colleagues and experts from around the globe. If your health service is not a member of GGHH, consider asking them to join up!