DYI helpful hints


These are some interesting and helpful hints to minimise your impact on the environment and make your dialysis greener…

  1. Left over dialysate (acid) can be used as a weed killer.  It is exceptionally high in salt and will kill weeds.  Consider using this in place of harmful chemicals!
  2. Dialysate bottles can be used as garden beds for herbs or seedlings by filling with soil, poke a few holes in the bottom of the bottle for drainage and cutting the top off.  Then plant some seedlings/herbs and watch them grow!
  3. Cardboard boxes can be kept and used for storage or be shredded and used in the garden to protect topsoil and keep the garden beds moist. As plastic bags are now being rapidly phased out at supermarkets and other retail outlets, you may also find local fruiterers or supermarkets are willing to accept whole boxes for recycling as carry-boxes.
  4. Local council will sometimes supply an additional recycle bin for patients on dialysis at home, to cope with the significant increase in cardboard and recyclable plastic waste.  Contact your local council to ask about this.
  5. In the event that you cannot get extra bins to recycle, consider asking your dialysis supply company to return any cardboard boxes to their depot for recycling. Many will take them back for you.