The authors of greendialysis.org acknowledge that there are few if any regulations to guide firm recommendations in this arena.

The information that is contained in this website has been provided with goodwill and has largely grown out of our own experiences, from shared information with others pioneering in this field, and from our interpretation of current literature and practice.

Any practical application of the information contained in this website, and any results that may be thus obtained, will vary according to climatic, regulatory and other existing conditions as they might apply in any one individual location.

The authors of this site take no personal responsibility for the application of and/or the outcomes achieved by any individual or service that adopts the principles we have discussed here-in.  The application of green dialysis practices should be only undertaken after careful assessment is made of their suitability for each individual site.  While no copyright issues apply for any replication of information contained within this site and users are encouraged to apply the practices advanced by this website at their own discretion.