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November 18 2016

A potential use for dialysis plastics.

Plastic waste is an environmental issue worldwide. While great lengths go to recycle and reuse “high value” plastic, much of it has little or no commercial value.

With patient numbers growing on dialysis, in 2012, Fresenius Medical Care estimated 2.38 million people required dialysis, and with each treatment using approximately 2.5kg of potential reusable plastic, it makes sense to look at options to reduce, reuse and recycle.

Please take just 2 minutes to watch “ByFusion Transforming Plastic” from ByFusion PBC on Vimeo.

Rethinking our discussed potential for reuse of dialysis (and/or other hospital) plastic waste and applying it to the information in the video. Simply sterilizing and shredding by a SteriMed or an equivalent, could open so many new sustainability options in healthcare.


The GD Team.


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