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The Possibilities Are Endless……..

November 18 2016

A potential use for dialysis plastics. Plastic waste is an environmental issue worldwide. While great lengths go to recycle and reuse “high value” plastic, much of it has little or no commercial value. With patient numbers growing on dialysis, in 2012, Fresenius Medical Care estimated 2.38 million people required dialysis, and with each treatment using…

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An interesting article on the anticipated effects of climate change in the UK

August 15 2016

Our fellow green health enthusiasts in the UK at The Centre of Sustainable Healthcare have posted a new analysis of the anticipated effects of climate change in the UK.  The analysis has been generated from the UK climate change risk assessment report from the Committee on Climate Change in the UK (Report here).  It is a…

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Reducing the Carbon Footprint of hospital based care

June 15 2016

Charlie Tomson, consultant nephrologist in the UK, has written a great article on the need for reform in hospital funding and structure to improve sustainable and environmental impact of hospital based care.  While it applies to the NHS, all healthcare organisations would benefit from some sort of reform to address their own impact on the…

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The Victorian Renal Health Clinical Network is going green!

December 22 2015

Did you know that nephrology practice, particularly dialysis, is one of the most energy and resource intensive treatments in current day medicine? Studies have measured the environmental impact of renal care and nephrology, highlighting the following: Weekly power requirement of a single haemodialysis system is equal to the weekly power requirement of an average Australian…

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Update: Lancet Commission releases updated report on the effects of climate change on health.

July 9 2015

A recent report by the international medical journal The Lancet has updated the Lancet Commission’s ground breaking report from 2009 which labelled climate change as ” the biggest global threat to health of the 21st century”.   This new report brings together 60 international experts to form a new commission to respond to the growing threat of…

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Cool things are happening in Central Australia

May 13 2015

The amazing dialysis staff and community in Kiwirrkurra, Western Australia, approximately 700km west of Alice Springs, are doing their part for providing sustainable dialysis practices. The dialysis unit in Kiwirrkurra, population 135, has set up a sustainable system that not only recycles reject water from their dialysis unit, but has also created jobs and helps…

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Construction of Australian-first floating solar farm due to begin

March 10 2015

An Australian-first floating solar power plant is expected to be operational in South Australia by early April, with construction about to get underway. The plant will float on a wastewater treatment facility in Jamestown in the state’s mid north. Felicia Whiting of Infratech Industries said the plant was designed so that much of the construction…

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Website debut at Melbourne conference

August 21 2014

Green Dialysis unveiled its new-look website at the 2014 Annual Scientific Meeting of the Australian and New Zealand Society of Nephrology and the Renal Society of Australasia Annual Conference in Melbourne in August, 2014. The culmination of months of research, planning, designing and writing, our new website is Green Dialysis’s flagship and clearly spells out…

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Acknowledging valuable support

July 14 2014

Credibility is crucial to any campaign and at Green Dialysis we must thank the many people who have added their voices and support to our efforts to establish dialysis practices that not only benefit patients and healthcare professionals, but also protect and nurture our precious natural environment. Among those who deserve special thanks are Sarah…

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Green Dialysis for over a decade

August 11 2013

We have been into ‘green dialysis’ for over a decade now. We came to ‘think’ green when our successful nocturnal dialysis program delivered more health but less wealth to our home patients. Though they felt incredibly better, their power and water bills were really hurting them We decided to try to reduce their water use…

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