Why go green?

The following quotation is adapted from the abstract of a paper published in Hemodialysis International (January 2012)…(1)

“As dialysis practitioners we are particularly careless in the use of natural resources — especially water and power — and seem broadly ignorant of the profound medical waste issues created by single use dialysis equipment.”

If we extrapolate the data recorded in this paper into a relative ‘world’ dialysis population (2011) estimated to be ~2 million patients, a generic “global dialysis service” would consume …

  • ~156 billion litres of water, ~2/3rd of which is the high-grade, potable-standard reject water that is created during reverse osmosis.
  • ~1.62 billion kWh of power – mostly generated from coal and other eco-damaging sources.

and would create…

  • ~625,000 tonnes of potentially re-usable plastic waste, if simple sterilizing techniques were considered and installed on-site.

As we continue to plunder our natural resources we remain ignorant of the need to seriously consider…

  • Re-use or re-cycling of water and plastic waste
  • Exploration of renewable energy options
  • Steps to reduce the carbon footprint of dialysis services

It really is no longer excusable… sustainable dialysis practices can be and must be a global goal for the coming decade.

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