Who is Anthony Perkins?

Anthony Perkins is a renal clinical nurse specialist in home dialysis therapies in Geelong, Victoria, Australia.  Working alongside Professor Agar and the home dialysis training teams at Barwon Health, his passion for home dialysis and the environment has led him to seek greener, more sustainable ways to deliver dialysis – both in the home and in facility care.

He believes strongly that nurses have the power to create change. Change is created by vision, and his vision is of a greener, more sustainable dialysis future.  He believes that nurses should not idly stand by until some influential ‘other’ creates change, but that nurses hold the power for change themselves.

Jody Williams (Nobel Peace Prize recipient), has encapsulated this thinking in the following quotation:

I think there’s a mythology that if you want to change the world, you have to be sainted, like Mother Teresa, or be a Nelson Mandela or Archbishop Desmond Tutu. Ordinary people, with lives that go up and down and around in circles, can still contribute to change.
Jody Williams